Baby Monitor App

by Robin
Jan 06, 2015

So I've finally gotten around to upload one of my hobby projects to Github. It's an Android baby monitor app, which will connect to any Foscam FI8918W.

I am planning to upgrade it to connect to a different camera - as I pretty much stopped improving on the app after my partner managed to drop the one camera I had to develop with.

Now I've gotten a new camera, but sadly although it looks almost the same, it isn't compatible...

Code is here: - You should be able to download it and compile it using the new Android Studio.

OpenWRT - Secure your DDNS!

by Robin
Jan 18, 2015

If you happen to use OpenWRT on your router and also use a dynamic DNS provider to connect to your network from outside, just a quick heads-up.

OpenWRT does NOT use a secure connection to update your IP by default. I happened to stumble on this, as DDNS was disabled after an upgrade, and I ended up using the command line to reconfigure it instead of luci - as I usually would.

For some reason Luci does not even provide the option to secure the connection between your router and your DDNS provider - which is why I never noticed.

The instructions are here: 

Note: You will almost certainly have to enable SSL3 - or you should change your DDNS-Provider.